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 "DARE TO STAND"   is one newly married woman's struggle deep within her soul: to believe God, when faced with her husband's diagnosis with terminal cancer. Her challenge is to rise above the situation, and her agony and believe God. This book is intended to lift the spirit and inject hope where there is total despair and fear. It points a steady direction to God as the final authority over all things in our life. No matter what the crises or dilemma of life may be or what one is facing, God is the ultimate answer to everything. ​As this real-life drama unfolds, its protagonist meets the challenging demand to stand and face cancer head-on more easily, when God is added to the equation. Clothed with strength and faith, this book reaches to the highest heavens and renews the brokenness of man with hope. Its gritty detail and powerful revelation of man's desperate need for God shows that every detail of life is all a part of the Master's Plan. ​​


"The Secret Codes of Conduct For Marriage" This is a practical guide to everyday living within the marriage bond. People from all walks of life give their secret codes of conduct and their universal thoughts for a successful marriage. You have the Do's and the Don'ts for marriage behavior. This practical guide offers answers to marriage and dilemmas in a humorous, loving and common sense way.​​


"Never Good Enough to Marry" is a sassy little guide book to lift the spirits and encourage the heart to those that have felt the sting of rejection. Don't get Mad, Don't get Even, and Don't take it Personally are the three mottos to live by. By accepting who you are, and what you are is the key answer to this question when you are rejected for marriage. Don't let him dance circles around your head sending you into a quandary with questions wondering-Will I ever be good enough for him to say I do? His lack of commitment and being Marriage-Ready Material is not your issue. How you handle his response is. If you retain your self-confidence and realize that your real true worth and value is not only a gift but a true treasure to behold, whether he receives it or not. Losing yourself and your identity is not an exchange for love. These irresistible Never Good Enough to Marry tidbits, inject just the right amount of tasty morsels to chew on, making this a fascinating read. Everyone wants the kissable kiss, and the loveable love. Candace gives you the solution to turning deep-like relationships into deep-love ​​​​​​​​​​​relationships, the first step by being you.​






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AUNDRE HOLMES /ADRIAN M. STREET​/ PRINCE NARIN All rights reserved. No portion may be copied or reproduced.


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